Big news…

So here is the big news…We made an offer on a house and it was accepted!  Yeah!  So let me tell you the story…

We’ve been looking for over a month.  We joked that our real estate agent has gotten to watch Wyatt age because we’ve looked for so long.  I was sick of looking at houses.  And boy have we seen some doozies. 

The ironic thing is the house we’re getting is the very first house we looked at.  And God just allowed us to keep looking as he kept dropping the price – thank you God!

So now we wait till closing, which is the tedious part.  The only stipulation Jennifer has on the house is that we replace the carpet ASAP – Pepto Pink just doesn’t seem to go with anything we have.  Anybody know how to lay wood floors?

2 thoughts on “Big news…

  1. Brandie Drumm

    You can get the wood pieces at home depot. And you also need one of those big heavy duty nail guns. You want to lay your first line of wood to get an even and straight line. Then its easy from there :0)

    I watched my parents do this and it is pretty easy. And cheaper when you do it your self!

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