Props to my peeps

Mad props to our production team.  We had a music video, which you can see here, that the band played along with during the service.  Ran great for the run-through (actually 4 run-throughs), ran great 1st service, completely crashed 2nd service.  Don’t think I won’t be on the phone with ProPresenter and Apple today finding out how this happened!  Yes, Apples crash too.

But aside from that, nobody knew – except for us.  We noticed the click was missing half way through the song.  But the band kept playing – never missed a beat.  The production team didn’t panic.  They re-started the program, put the lyrics back up on the screen, found the regular bumper, (we had the bumper built into the music video) cued it, and played it exactly where it needed to go.

I’m very impressed – and proud!  You guys and gals rock!

1 thought on “Props to my peeps

  1. Nancy DeJesus

    The music video and live performance was incredible! I’ve had the song in my head ever since.

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