Good for the soul

So confession is good for the soul, right?  Well here I go.

This has been an unbelievable morning.  5:30, staff meeting with my volunteer leaders – love that meeting.  We have a great time.  Then 7:00 staff meeting.  Another good time, celebrating what God is doing and working to resolve challenges that lay ahead.

Then I got a phone call from Jennifer, my parents car has been stolen.  Oh, by the way, my parents were visiting from TX.  So I grab my stuff and bolt out of the meeting to my house, which was 3 mins away.  Then Jennifer calls me back.  The car hasn’t been stolen.  It was towed by our piece of crap HOA.

About a month ago we received a letter form our landlord that we have these new guest tags for overnight visitors in the guest parking spots.  Why you need a guest pass when you are clearly in a guest spot is beyond me.  Well we forgot.  And some 2 bit towing company from Stafford scouts the parking lot looking for fresh meat at 1:45 AM.  No phone call.  No knock.  Just towed.  And it was clearly our car.

Now I know it was our fault for not remembering some new policy that was implemented a month ago when we never have guests stay the night.  God forbid we forget something.  Man it feels like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany around here. 

I don’t think I have ever been so mad in my life.  I was fuming.  And thank God our stupid HOA decided to take an extra day off or President’s day.  Because I had the most colorful, forceful, ticked off speech you ever heard ready.  Man was I mad.  But God spared me the embarrassment.  Only my wife and mom saw it for about 30 seconds.

God, please help us find a house and get out of here!

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