I would normally wait to post this until I had pictures – but I’m too impatient and I have too much on my mind.

Yesterday was absolutely unbelievable – I think possibly one of the best services I’ve ever been a part of.  I think I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  What can I say?  I’m blessed!  And if you missed yesterday my heart goes out to you.  What a day!  It was electric!  Packed!  Anointed!

So let me back up.  About a month ago we had the hair-brained idea to have a gospel choir come in and sing "Ready for Miracle?"  (Click the link and it will pull up your iTunes store with the song.)  Well our Pastor liked the idea and made contact with LU Praise from Liberty University.  And as God would have it, they had a cancellation on that particular Sunday we were talking about Miracles.  So on short notice they agreed to come and learn the song.  In fact, come to find out, they learned the song Thursday!

Lup_main1 But let me back up.  They left Lynchburg at 5:00 AM.  Some of them woke up at 2:00 AM.  Some didn’t even go to bed.  They arrived a little after 8:00.  Got changed, sat in on our production meeting.  Got up on stage.  We hit the first note of the song – and I was blown away….but let me back up some more.

They helped us lead worship with "Salvation is Here," then blessed us with "O Taste and See," "You Are So Awesome," and "You Deserve the Glory."  Man are they anointed.  God was all over that group and thick in that place.  Heaven came down!  It was such a blessing to see that group sing, clap, have fun, but more importantly, worship without reservation.  It was incredible!

Then….THE song.  I am so proud of our band for absolutely nailing this song.  Jason had the whole Gospel beat on the drums going.  Bill learned the amazing bass walk.  Dave learned the organ part to the ‘t’.  Ronnie played the guitar solo better than the CD.  Brandon…well he seemed he was about to jump off the stage at any moment.  And poor Elizabeth hit the tambourine so hard her hands were swollen after the service!  Seriously!

And when the soloists came in, the choir bellowing walls of amazing harmonies – I was quite literally in heaven.  They sound even better than the CD.  The energy was palpable.  I was dancing all over the place.  The crowd was on their feet.  And to think they learned it 3 days prior.  The guy soloist was sick and learned his part Saturday!  (By the way, I think he can sing higher than some of the girls!)  But I can’t stress enough how much they pegged that song.  It was everything we dreamed of and more.  Kristen was jumping up and down in the back during the run-through because it was such a culmination of planning and dreams….and now it was a reality.  I was actually upset after the 2nd service because we didn’t have anymore services to do!  I wanted to keep going!

But let me say this.  If you want to be blessed; if you want your people to see true worship; if you want your people to be led in spirit-filled praise to God – GET THIS GROUP!  They were absolutely amazing.  I can’t say it enough.  Thank you LU PRAISE!  Unbelievable job!

5 thoughts on “Anointed

  1. Elizabeth

    My hand is so swollen today that I had to wrap it up so I’d stop trying to use it. But it’s totally worth it. What an awesome Sunday!

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