Sunday…is over

For now at least.

Boy am I pooped.  3 services, tons of volunteers…I mean tons, and we were packed – each service.  It rocked!  The unofficial count is 674!  I say unofficial because sometimes I find addition errors.  And even more importantly, I would estimate at least 50 salvations!  Can you believe that!  We had at least 15-20 each service!  It was amazing.  Pastor Daniel preached like somebody had lit his pants on fire.

The hard thing is singing 3 services.  My voice is shot.  I could tell my voice was physically tired before the 3rd service.  And the set was demanding – "All Because of Jesus", "Mighty to Save", "Wonderful Cross", "Meant to Live", "Mighty is the Power of the Cross".  "Mighty to Save" seemed to tax me the most.  Each service I was praying I would get through "Meant to Live."  Towards the end of the song I just had to get ugly with it…get a little growl going to punch out the notes.  But everything went well.  Even remembered all my lyrics!

We had Lisa going solo as Production Manager for her first Sunday.  She did an amazing job.  Kristen had to go to Egypt or something. Seriously, they’re in Egypt!  The band was sick as usual.  Everybody just went above and beyond the call of duty.  And the Host team was kickn’ butt and takn’ names.  Way to go guys and gals!

And a nice extra is Elizabeth put together an nice spread for our first Volunteer Headquarters.  It seemed to be a huge hit.  It looked amazing and was a great way to take care of everybody who invested so much time into the day.

I’m just so proud of our volunteers.  They are so faithful and so much fun to work with.  Everybody has great attitudes and believe whole-heartedly the vision of Lifepoint.

I am so blessed to be part of this church.  Thank you God for your blessing!!

1 thought on “Sunday…is over

  1. 5stringer

    GuitarMan and I were talking between services about how great the set of songs was for the message and tone of the services Sunday. It was part of a great weekend in the life of our church and community. It is both humbling and awesome to be a part of something that means SOMETHING…so God-centered and “other”-centered (meaning others far from God). And over 50 people saved at the services – talk about a win…that makes everything we do worthwhile….simply AWESOME.

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