Person of the week

My first person of the week is….drum roll….wait you already see his picture.  Darn.
The first person of the week is Phil Green.  Why?  I’m so glad you asked!

Phil is a machine.  Phil also bleeds Lifepoint.  He love the church and we love him.  He is always in a good mood and always encouraging.  Let me tell you a little about what he does.

Saturday Phil showed up at the fairgrounds…early.  I think like at least 9.  He donated all the orange construction fencing we had to frame out the hunting zone.  Phil not only donated it, he helped put it out.  Yards and yards of it.  Phil then helped work the event.  Phil then stayed and helped tear down the event – at 3:30.  Phil stayed until everything was done.  Phil then – get this – followed a back hoe filled with dirt, grabbed a hand full every few yards, and hand filled – HAND FILLED – every hole the stakes made from the orange construction fencing.  (Seems there is a dog show and they didn’t want Fido to break his leg).  Took him at least 45 minutes.  Grabbing dirt, bending over, filling the hole, and packing it in.  THEN Phil showed up at 6 AM Easter to help finish setup.  THEN Phil stayed behind after the 11:30 service let out to help with tear-down.  Told you he was a machine.  And he’s not the only one!  We have more just like him!  You’ll get them later.

Phil we are blessed to have you!  Thank you!

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