Being a Pickwell

I am a Pickwell.  And we Pickwell’s have certain quirks about us.  These are a few that let you know you have our blood:

  • You like sleep – a lot – like it’s your hobby.
  • You’ve been known to wipe out a bag of Oreos in one setting.
  • You have a 2-4" protrusion of a gut that juts out from your midsection – regardless of how little or much you eat, sit up, or work out.  It’s called the Pickwell belly and it plagues all of our men.
  • You have yelled at the TV during the following sports – basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf, NASCAR, bob-sledding, and gymnastics.  ’98 Atlanta Olympics – Keri Strugg landing her vault on an injured ankle.  Who didn’t yell?  And notice hockey is missing.  Who really likes that stuff?
  • You probably have a butt-chin.
  • Way too completive.  Which is bad, because we’re not necessarily good at sports.
  • You want a pet – until you have it.  Then you want it dead.  So you give it away.  Then you want another pet…and cycle continues.  Anybody want my dog?
  • You like to stay up late…maybe that’s the reason for the first item.
  • You root for a school you didn’t attend – Tennessee.  My uncle is the only exception.  You bleed orange.  Seriously, my blood is orange.
  • You know how to make the best tacos in the world – Big Tacos.  All other tacos are referred to as ‘small tacos’, ‘easy tacos’, ‘fake tacos’, or ‘dog-food’.

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