Life Happenings Pt 1 – House Saga

There is way to much going on for me to cram it into one post.  If you’re like me,  when I see a post that is over 3 paragraphs long, my brain cramps.  So I am going to break-down the following subjects.

  • House Saga
  • Office Space
  • Easter
  • Space issues

House Saga

Ok, this is going to be long, so just brace yourself for it.  Firstly – we bought a house!  Well, at least our offer was accepted.  Here are the details.  4 beds, 3 full baths, 2400 sq ft, 1 car garage, split level, fully finished basement, and pretty much move in ready.  Just need to paint a bit and replace the pink carpet.  What is up with us and pink carpet?  And the only bad thing is there isn’t a stitch of grass in the back yard.  I need to google, "How to grow grass in the shade."

Here is where the saga comes in.  Our limit was 210K.  That’s northern VA for you.  I sold my new house in TX for 93K then come up here and get sticker shock.  But I digress.  I have been oodling over a house since October.  Loved it.  Needed quite a bit of work, but it had great potential.  Basement rancher, 3 beds, 2 baths, 1 acre, backed up to a pond, nice neighborhood.  But the light fixtures were missing, needed paint, no finished basement, needed flooring in the kitchen, and some other miscleanous perrifials.  But it was like 289K.  But a foreclosure.  We looked at it 3 times and our realtor called the agent to see about low-balling it.  But they were a no go.  Even last month it was still at 249k. 

Now comes Saturday.  We find the other house, put a offer on it, and wait.  Saturday-nothing.  Sunday-nothing.  Monday I wake up and check out email and look at our daily posting of houses.  Guess which one was at the top of the list now at 214K.  You guessed it.  The one I was stalking.  So now we needed to decide whether to pull our offer and put an offer on pond house.  But we thought about it, prayed quickly, and decided to see what would happen with the offer we had out.  We honestly thought they would counter and we would walk and put an offer on the other one.  But they didn’t.  They accepted it as is.  But we’re ecstatic.   We’re getting an amazing house at a steal.  And it is 1 week until our financing fell through.  God is just in time!  Very excited!

Hope that story isn’t too confusing.

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