Office Space

Finally.  On April 1st we moved into our office space.  It wasn’t till a week later that we had internet and were able to actually USE the office space, but none-the-less. 

Needless to say, our wives are ecstatic, and yet somewhat saddened by the departure of their hubbies….only because they can’t call us down from our office to take out the trash, open a jar of jelly, or watch the kid while they jump in the shower.

But the difference is amazing.  Such a synergy.  We have office volunteers helping hold down the front desk…keeps wanting to float away.  And Pastor Daniel, Josh, and I are able to hit the cool intercom button and holler at each other anytime we want.  J. Sich and Ben also have their own desks and extensions.  We feel all legitimate and stuff!

Chunks wrote a great post on getting office space where he said,

"Most church starts are meeting in portable facilities. This is not a
bad thing but one of my strongest recommendations I can give is to get some    offices ASAP.
Not only does it begin to give a nomad church a sense of stability with
those that you are trying to reach but it will make the church more
effective at reaching them."

And in no uncertain terms, he jumped our tail when he found out we didn’t have an office.  Thank you Chunks!

So here is a rough picture of where I work.  Desk is already messy.

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