IVF Update

Wondering what is going on huh?

Well the update is we’re still waiting.  Jennifer is having to take birth-control pills even thought we can’t get pregnant naturally.  Cruelly ironic huh?  But the Dr’s use them to get her hormones just right.  What does that mean for me?  Lots of dish throwing and uncontrollable crying. 

Ha!  Just kidding.  Actually it just means we wait.  She’ll go back on the 29th to get a blood test and if everything is good, we’ll find out the date we start all of the drugs. 

Until then I just remind my wife to take her pill so we CAN have kids.  Weird.

1 thought on “IVF Update

  1. 5stringer

    Jonathan (9) would say you are living in “opposite world” with both this post and the hair one LOL – ^5

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