When you get lemons.

We pull into Greensboro, NC to get some Zaxby’s.  Ok food, wasn’t that impressed. 

But that’s not the point.  The point is Matt ’bout rear-ended the person in front of us after standing on the brakes.  Yup – they were gone.

So we sat in the parking lot after eating trying to find a solution.  Rent a couple of vans?  Find a repair shop?  The solution – add brake fluid.  Easy.

Instead of getting upset at the situation, we made lemonade.  Tools required:

  • Cooler Lid.
  • Tennis Shoe
  • Remote Control Truck
  • Free Time
  • A bunch of delirious road weary travelers waiting to take their energies out on a poor toy.


1 thought on “When you get lemons.

  1. dude, i LOVE stephen ambrose (sorry, this comment is not on your post, which is cool by the way) and i love wwII history. if you haven’t read “undaunted courage” you need to. many parallels between what lewis & clark experienced and church planting.

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