Went to WIBO yesterday in Reston, VA with my Pastor.  It's nice to have something to go to that doesn't take several days, is close, and you get to hear some great speakers.  I'll post some key thoughts later.  Missed Perry, Ed, and most of John Burke.  But the one's I did see were well worth the wait.

Ran into Ron.  Only got to say high for a few seconds but it was great to see him again.  He has to be one of the sharpest guys in church planting in the country.  And super guy.  I had to privileged of working with his bro-n-law in Texas.

Also ran into Los.  Still sportn' the skull shirt.

Jim Henry introduced himself to me.  Great to meet that guy.

Had a great lunch the staff of Image Church-awesome guys.  And Chris is sharp.

Ran into Matt – headset on and ready to go.  He did a phenomenal job.

Of course saw Ben.  Hate this guy is leaving the area.  We'll miss him!

I also had several people tell me they were praying for Wyatt.  The blog community is incredible!

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