The Big Move

I can speak for our entire staff….these past couple of weeks have been insane!

Personally, to use a term from Ben Arment, I've been in the perfect storm of stress.  Sick baby, week long hospital stay, IVF or not?, Moving our house, taking on the new Admin position, and moving a church!

So the only thing left is that last one – moving the church.  I'm so pumped about this Sunday I can't even describe.  It is going to be off the hook!  This whole move is going to launch Lifepoint into a new level.  Here are some things you can pray about:

  • Thank God for his provision of Chancellor High School.
  • Pray that some school space will be made available to us – sill iffy in one area.
  • Pray for our services this Sunday and that a great harvest will take place!
  • Pray for Chancellor H.S.  Pray that God will bless them beyond measure for their generosity.  They thought they were just getting a Sunday tenant….may it be much greater than that!
  • Pray for the staff of LIfepoint.  Pray that we will have wisdom beyond our years, strength for the day, and a proper balance between work and home.
  • Pray hard as a weapon against spiritual warfare.  Keep your guard up!

See you Sunday!!!!!!

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