$399 Paper Weight


Above you can see a nice picture of my lovely $399 paper-weight.  It is a piece of junk.  And Sony is a piece of crap.  In all honesty I received this camera with gift cards.  But I would have spent the gift cards on something more reliable like a Cannon if had known.

Sony doesn’t care about its customers.  They gladly allow the 1 year warranty to expire on a camera that has market-wide problems without recalling them.  Because they know they can pull another $175 out of you to fix it – regardless if nearly everyone who owns the camera is having the same problem – and regardless that your only a month or two past your warranty.  And bad press!  Ha!  Sony laughs at the notion.  They don’t care!  “Poor little consumers.  They are so stupid!”  The Sony suits say, laughing at the same time.

So if you want to buy a Sony, don’t.  My camera will not focus and the battery runs out in about an hour….without taking pictures.  Google, “DSC-H5 Repair problems” and read for yourself.  If they’re bad about this, they’ll be bad about everything else.

I’m not bitter though.  Just bought a nice Cannon SD1100 IS.  Very excited!

2 thoughts on “$399 Paper Weight

  1. 5stringer

    Wow just think – for $399 you could have gotten an affordable, perfect-for-home-use desktop OR laptop – of course it wouldn’t be spelled “m” “a” “c” but at least it would have worked 🙂

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