Leadership is Coaching

I learned a valuable lesson watching the Olympics.  I don't care how many talented, motivated, Type-A, Maxwell protege's you have on your team, you still need to call time-outs and coach.

Think about it.  The 'Redeem-Team', the men's Volleyball Team, the women's Volleyball Team – they all have the best of the best in their sport.  Koby knows how to play, how to pass, how to dunk (body doesn't he).  He's probably watched more film of Jordan than we can imgagine.  He knows his opponents.  He understands the philosophy of coach K.  He's played with these guys for 3 years getting ready for the Olympics.  Same with all of the other players in different sports – volleyball, softball, etc.

But alas!  Coach K has to call a time out!  What does this mean?  Well let's look at what it doesn't mean:

  • It doesn't mean that Coach K must have screwed up somewhere in his leadership because the team is losing focus.
  • It doesn't mean the players are inempt.
  • It doesn't mean the team is in trouble, per se.
  • It doesn't mean the wrong players were picked.
  • It doesn't even mean that the players are 'on the wrong seat on the bus.'

What does it mean exactly?  It means that the coach is doing his job – and the players are doing theirs.  You see, the players get so into the match, the battle if you will, that they aren't able to see the forest for the trees.  But Coach K – he has removed himself from the battle field so that he can see the entire game.  He can make adjustments when needed.

What is the correlation?  Don't ever think you can hire the best of the best and then let them just go.  Even the best need coaching.  Even the best need re-direction.  Even the best laid plans need adjusting.  So call time-outs.  Refocus.  Never-ever think that a timeout, or the need for coaching is a refelction on the people you've hired or recruited, or even a reflection on yourself.  It simply means your doing what your supposed to be doing and they're doing what their supposed to be doing.

Sure Koby knows he's supposed to cut off the lane.  But the coach has a different perspect and is able to communicate that in a better way.  So coach don't coast.

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