Room Dynamics

You can make any room look the way you want it.  This is especially important if you are portable.  Gyms, cafeterias, and hallways can be cold and uninviting.  Auditoriums can swallow your congregation.  Keep it tight.  Keep it small.  Keep it warm.  How?  Use pipe and drape!  It sets up easy and comes down fast.  And its an inexpensive way to make a room do anything you want it to.  We use GA Expo.  Simply because they have the best price.  And, when you order from someone else, usually its GA Expo material.  So why go through a middle guy?  Anyway, they have been a huge help to us.  And their cart options make the setup and tear down even faster.  Check them out!  Oh, and talk to Dawn.

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Largest Manufacturer of Pipe and Drape…
Visit Georgia Expo!

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