IVF Update

Haha.  Now I think God is toying with the Dr.'s.

Good heartbeat.  Good growth.  Much better than last weeks, "I think this is a failed pregnancy."  To God be the glory!

He is concerned.  The baby is measuring 6.5 weeks when it should be 7.5 weeks.  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but apparently it is.  And he said (this is a different Dr. than last week) that he has seen this type of situation turn out for the good once or twice.  Guess we'll be number three!

Keep praying!  The kid won't give up.  And neither will we!

5 thoughts on “IVF Update

  1. Jessica Breeden

    AWESOME!!! ha i read this blog like its my job… 🙂 actually i am at my job. anyway God is amazing and you guys are great parents!

    still praying

  2. Alaina

    I have been praying for y’all and although I do not get to talk to you or see you…I keep a check on the blog for updates. I will continue to pray for this little one and hope you all are doing well. Much love…

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