It is amazing to see the changes in Lifepoint over three years.  From Pastor Daniel and I driving up on the weekends, to the single screen setup and mint green walls of the Marshall center – nasty.

What really excites me is the ability of the leadership to change with the times.  Just recently we made some leadership changes to better set us up for future growth.  This involved me moving from Worship Arts Pastor, over Creative, Worship, Tech, and Setup/Teardown, to a full-time Administrative position, taking the Setup/Teardown with me.  I'll now help keep the business side of the church running like it should and lead worship in a rotational schedule along with 3 other worship leaders.

Josh Lazar is now our Worship Arts Pastor and we know he is going to do a great job!  It is exciting to see Josh be able to work within his giftedness.  He has an amazing creative mind!

Looking forward to what the future holds!

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