Bathroom Upgrade

We decided…well I decided to update the bathroom. The project went from just plopping down stick-on tile, to a complete rebuild. It all started when I ripped up the linolium and found a leak. So I had to bust out the shower tile. And me being me, I figured if I had to do this, I only wanted to do this once, not piece-meal. This includes a new tub (for some reason my wife wouldn’t take a bath in our old tub because it had a the previous owners funk in it – even after cleaning – so she says), a new toilet (to match the new white tub), new tile, new vanity, actually 2 new vanities, which includes moving the toilet 6 inches so 2 vanities would fit instead of 1. Was that a run-on sentence?

So here is where the toilet used to be.

And after a lot of measuring, grunting, and sawing…


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