Volunteer Banquet

Friday I was blessed to take part in something I’ve never seen before…. a church pulling out all of the stops to say thank you to its volunteers.  What an incredible night!  If you are a church, you need to do this!  It was a great night to cast vision, celebrate victories, actually dress up for a change, and just plain have fun.  (I’m kicking myself right now for forgetting my camera at home.  Have a great pic I’ll share with you tomorrow.)

Some of the responses I’ve gotten:

“Thank you for such an amazing night! Lifepoint Style!!!!”

“I think it will be a long time before my heart is back to it’s normal size.”

Thank you to Carrabba’s for giving us such a great deal on the food.  Amazing grub!

And thank you again volunteers!  We could not do this without you.  (And we learned what it’s like to do it without you.  The entire event was done by staff and staff families.  Long couple of weeks!)

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