Safe Eyes for the portable man

When the iPhone came out, I must admit – I coveted.  Lord please forgive me.  Come on!  That thing is amazing!  The lines.  The vivid colors.  The usability.  The….well you get the picture.

But I waited.  For a few reasons.  First, I ain’t got da cash.  But selling stuff was a consideration.

Second, porn.  You heard me.  Porn.  Don’t like that word huh?  Makes you uncomfortable?  Well consider this, 47% of families say that pornography is an issue in their home.  The average age a kid sees pornography? 11.  Over 50% of men say that pornography is an issue.  And even more than that say that pornography is a temptation.  See where I’m going.  So I use filters and accountability.  In the office we use filters.  “You don’t trust each other?”  “You’re too weak?”  Think what you may, but boundaries are necessary in every area of life.  And by choosing to use filters we are saying that this thing of integrity is too important to let get messed up.

I think that cellular porn is the next thing to bring men down.  First it was the internet, which allowed men to see ‘easy’ porn without having to hide there face at the local Fast Mart.  Now, streaming videos on your phone.

I’m not superman.  And I’m not going to open myself up to a whole mess of things.  So I refused the iPhone.  Argh.  Until now!  If you have an iPhone, you can now surf without wondering what will pop up next.  Safe Eyes has come out with a new iPhone app!

Now all I have to do is sell something.

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