Saturday Thoughts

Saturday morning is usually spent trying to find enough things to entertain a 20month old till nap time.  For now he is content with his Chick-fil-a cow and digging through my file folder.  So I thought I would give some insights to what is going on in my life…quickly before he comes back to fidget with the mouse.

  • Unleash was freakn’ awesome!  Perry Noble cracks me up with his blountness…refreshing and much needed!
  • The bus ride was a hoot!  Jennifer thought it felt like riding on the front of a roller coaster because we were in the front seat…all that was between us and road was a huge window!
  • Loved driving the bus nuts with the intercom….me love power.
  • The time at the end we got to pray over our pastor was worth the entire trip!
  • Half the bus ate Chipotle on the way home…not a good idea.
  • Next year I want to take 100!
  • I have a list 2 pages long on my cabinet in my office of books I want to read this year.  Yeah, you could call it over-ambitious.
  • Bathroom is almost done, just trim work and 1 more light to go up. Finally!
  • Bathroom is almost done, so P90x is back on the table.
  • Accidentally ripped out the wrong bathroom fan last night.  Things are confusing in an attic!
  • My ma-n-law and sis-n-law just left this morning.  A big thanks to them for coming up and watching Wyatt!
  • Wyatt has bouroughed himself underneath the stairs…guess I need to get him shortly.
  • How do you spell bouroughed?  Because that ain’t right.
  • Can’t wait for tomorrow!
  • I’m so pumped about what God is doing and what he’s getting ready to do!
  • I think Wyatt is eating a wreath.
  • Pray for our pregnancy.  Jennifer has Previa, which is not good.  Baby is fine though.  Just pray it moves.  Google it if you don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about.
  • Need…i….phone.
  • To sell my ipod or not?  My ma-n-law said she’d buy it, but 8Gigs on an iphone doesn’t seem like a lot of space.
  • I think Wyatt has done a number in his britches.  Time to go!
  • Nasty!

1 thought on “Saturday Thoughts

  1. Steven Latham

    I’m in the process of selling stuff off. Old cell phone (already sold – thanks craigslist!), iPod, wifey’s old phone, old DVR. EVERYTHING MUST GO!

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