Awesome.  Amazing.  I think a pivotal point in our church history.  Our volunteers are pumped!

Now that I’ve slept and have had a chance to digest everything I took in, I have one big take away:  Do we really want to do this without God?  Do we ever get on our face and beg God to show up?  Of course we want God to be there, but does it translate into prayer?  We need systems.  Have to have them.  But be careful not to allow the systems to overshadow the work of God.

Perry Noble commented on how all of the sudden a lot of people began to show up.  He was asked what were they doing.  He honestly couldn’t come up with an answer.  “Nothing.  We were doing nothing special.  No flyers, no mailers, no attendance push.  They just showed up!”

We say the phrase alot, “Work like it depends on us, pray like it depends on God.”  Problem is most tend to do the first part really well.  Now let’s pray because it DOES depend on God.

Lifepointer’s, let’s pray that God begins to rock our world!  Let’s pray that he just messes us up so much that we have to look at what God is doing and say….had to be God.

1 thought on “Unleash

  1. Brandie Drumm

    Amen! Brother!!!! :0) Can’t wait to still be apart of Life Point 10 years from now. Its going to be such a sight to see and God going to have his name written all over it!!!!

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