Self criticism vs. Self condemnation

There are times when I look back at my actions and think, ‘Oh Dear Lord, I actually did that?’  You know the feeling.  Your cheeks get all flushed and you are horrified by how you acted.  Typically these visions are centered around my adolescent years and college years – those awkward times when I was socially inempt and clueless.

I still have those thoughts for even recent events.  Now there are 2 approaches.  You can really beat yourself up.  I’m really bad about this simply because I’m harder on myself than on others.  But what good does that do except to put you in a funk and search out things to numb the feeling – Krispy Kream Donuts and Frappacinos do well.  The only problem with this is, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  And that is on all levels.

Then there is option 2.  Evaluate, learn, and move on.  Don’t dwell.  Don’t constantly relive a moment – that’s called OCD…or CDO for you really bad cases.

Self improvement is a great quality.  Self condemnation is a destructive one.

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