Leadership 101

If there ever was an example of being given every chance for success and screwing it up it would be Saul from the Old Testament.  He was chosen by God to be the King of Israel, and still couldn’t seem to get his act together.

But from him we can learn a valuable lesson in leadership.  In 1 Samuel 14, we see that Saul has placed an oath upon his whole army that no one can eat until he had avenged himself of his enemies.  Only problem is that his oath placed his entire army in a grave situation…. starvation.

2 problems with what Saul did.  First he made the decision based upon emotion.  “Darn them mean ‘ol Philistines!  I’ll show them if it kills my whole army!”  Second he made a decision for the benefit of himself.

So if you are in leadership, which nearly everybody is, even if your a parent, these are 2 good things NOT to do.  Don’t base your decisions based upon emotion.  You’re never in your right mind and they usually aren’t very reliable decisions.  And don’t base your decisions on what will be best for you.  Need I pull out examples from the banking industry?  Do what is best for those you are leading.

1 thought on “Leadership 101

  1. Kathy Prescott

    Thank you Jeremy for something for me to remember once again, even as a grandparent, parent and wife. I love the fact that you have opened my eyes to one of my faults and it didn’t quite sting as bad as it would have if Rachel or Dan had done it! :o) You are awesome! Awesome job, awesome job…

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