Something is foul!

Went running this morning.

At one point something about dropped me on the spot.  Thought it was a heart-attack at first.  Then realized it was some horrible, God-forsaken, nasty, funked up, disgusting smell.  Something had died and it was apparent.  It made me run faster…. away from the stench.  And when it came time to run past that point again I didn’t even want to go near it.

God talks a lot about smells.  He says “For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.”  But on the contrary we probably smell like death when we are dead to God.  We stink to him.  We stink to the world.  But God can raise the dead.  Look at Lazarus.  They didn’t want to let him loose because he was sure to stink… or stinketh. Fun word.

Be careful what aroma you are giving off.  Your fragrance has the potential to be a witness to those who are perishing.  But your stench has the potential to make people run for their life away from you.  Take a spiritual bath.

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