Going Fishing

Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men.”

I think it is no coincidence that Jesus used that analogy.  Do you know someone who is really into fishing?  They have the boat, the hat, the rods, the reals, the tackle, the technique, their favorite fishing hole, they know the mind of a fish, and they’ll get up at 3 AM when the fishing is good.  Let’s look at the lessons learned from those fishing nuts:

  • They know know when and where the fish are biting.
  • They’ll continue trying different baits & lures.  In fact, they have an arsenal of options!
  • They are willing to get out when no one else is and go where no one else is going to catch the big one.
  • They are eternal optimists.  Even if they aren’t catching anything, they always have the attitude of ‘just one more cast; this cast could be the one.’

How does this apply to being fishers of men?  As a church I know that:

  • We have to know our community better than anyone.
  • We can’t be afraid to try different things.  The church world is always shifting.  Methods are always changing.  If something doesn’t work try something new.
  • Be willing to go where no one else is going and do what no one else is doing.
  • You always have to be optimistic.  Even if you aren’t catching anything, keep casting, keep trying.  You never know when Jesus will have you cast your net on the other side and you end up catching a boatload.

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