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Light Show

Saturday – June 27

Day 23:

Guy knows his stuff.  We decided to let the kids play in the pool this morning and take it easy today.  Tonight will be worth the wait.  Until then, we chose Flagstaff and Salsa Bravo for an early dinner.  We saw the place on Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives.  MUY BUENO!!  We had our fill and headed on to the Grand Canyon once again.

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God’s light shows are the best.  My parents really wanted to see the Grand Canyon at sunset.  I’m glad they did!  What a beautiful site!  It seemed that every minute gave you a new portrait to look at.  There was a slight haze in the canyon from a fire, but I think it only added to the scene.  God’s creation truly is a work of art.  If you ever get bogged down in life and forget that God loves you and is looking over you, just take a moment and observe something from creation.  Look at the sunset.  Look at a blade of grass or a leaf on a tree.  Watch a bird care for her chicks.  Then remember that Jesus said He cares for you more than they.  The testimony of God’s creation is that He is mighty and that in His might He loves you.

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Apparently everyone wanted to see the sunset.  The buses were packed with people on the way back to parking.  Debbie didn’t think there would be much of a crowd.  WRONG!  People hanging onto the bars like monkeys, emitting their odor-ific B.O. only added to the ambiance.  That’s my dad’s grey head.  Notice which way he is leaning.  Jennifer and I have a code for body odor (B.O.) – Obi Wan Kenobi.

Itinerary:  Salsa Brava – Flagstaff, AZ; Hopi Point – Grand Canyon

Sunday – June 28

Day 24:

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If you want the oxen, you have to deal with the poop.  Today was repair day.  Jennifer and I went on a walk and on returning we noticed my slide topper had pulled out from the camper in the previous days winds.  I think it was simply bad installation.  So a 30 minute drive to Home Depot, Camping World, and some friendly camping neighbors to borrow some ladders, and the job was done.  Just enough time to walk around downtown Williams and witness another shooting.  Fun place to be.  I’d say I much rather downtown Williams over Flagstaff.  Less of a culture shock for me.  :0)

Itinerary: Downtown Williams