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Official Junior Rangers

None of Nature’s landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild. – John Muir

Day 9, What I learned:

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If you want to know what it feels like to be in the Sound of Music, chances are you’ll find it right here in the United States.  Sure, if you want to go to Europe go for it!  But just as much beauty is right here in the 50 states.  And these spot was just one of them.  Mount Washburn is in the upper right hand corner of Yellowstone.  Nice and brisk at the top!  Tower falls came just after and thankfully only had a 150 yard hike!

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You can have a picnic with the Elk.  We ended up at Fort Yellowstone for lunch.  Don’t mind the elk.  They call the place home as well.  Fort Yellowstone, right next to Mammoth Springs, was the original home of the calvary that was first called in to protect the park.  After several harsh winters, they finally decided that tents weren’t cutting it and build some barracks.  It was like a little city.

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It’s not about me.  Jennifer and I have seen the Junior Ranger program and have shied away from it because it seemed like it would take too much time.  At the Canyon Visitors center there happened to be a ranger program starting up.  That is one of the requirements.  You have to attend a program and you have to complete so many pages in the workbook.  Completing the pages isn’t the issue.  It was the programs.  We hate tours.  We hate guides.  We like to go on our own.  But the program was starting and we thought, what the heck.  Well today they turned in their books and got their Junior Ranger badges.  They were so excited.  I’d have to guess they were more excited about this than anything else they have done so far.  They were very proud and so was I.

IMG_5224 IMG_5218 IMG_5213 IMG_5210Sometimes a picture is better than the real thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  Mammoth Springs was cool.  But the pictures I’ve seen are better.  The whole place seemed very desolate and strange.  What is unique about the spot is the springs dry up and appear elsewhere on the mound.  So many spots you see used to be active but are no longer.  Wasn’t my favorite spot, but I at least can say I saw it.

Route/Itinerary: Yosemite National Park.  West Entrance, Madison, Norris, Canyon Village, Tower Roosevelt, Mammoth Springs

  • Mount Washburn
  • Tower Falls
  • Mammoth Springs