What a fun day!

I had such a blast yesterday!

My ministry entails the Foyer environment….Host Team, Tech, Worship, the whole kit-n-caboodle.  So yesterday I let Tammie lead worship and helped out with the Host Team.

First the band and production team did awesome!  They never even had to ask for help…just took the ball and ran with it.  I was so proud of them!  Its a great feeling to know that the ministry can function without me.  That just means our leadership structure is working and people are stepping up to the plate.  And we have such a talented band and worship team!  We even had a new gal on stage doing guitar…she rocks!

But back to the Host team – I had so much fun yesterday.  It was a good change of scenery.  It was great to see the faces of those serving in that area, getting to share my heart with them, and I even got to make coffee!  2nd service I helped with the ushering and had a blast taking teachable moments and sharing with some of the workers.  I look forward to doing this more in the future!

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