Christmas Eve ‘heavenly Peace’

I am a high strung individual.  Everybody that knows me just thought to themselves, "that’s an understatement!"  But I am what I am.  I wear a night-guard at night so I don’t grind my teeth.  I shake when I get nervous.  My nerves are generally shaky anyway when I’m not nervous!

But today I am hours away from the biggest service I am in charge of – our annual Christmas Eve service.  And this is by far the biggest thing I have ever been a part of.  And aside from the few butterflies that have nested in the depths of my belly, I am at peace.  I’m not really nervous.

There comes a point when you just want the thing to get here.  The ‘thing’ being what you have planned and prepared for for months.  You’ve thought of everything you can think of (except I just thought I need to get someone to get diesel for the generator).  There really isn’t much else you can do.  Now you just have to sit back and watch the thing unfold.

But I would be amiss to not acknowledge the people who are keeping my mind at ease – the leaders who make things happen:

Kimberli – She is on caffeine 24/7.  At least she seems like it.  Always happy, always energetic, and always ready to do whatever is needed.  She has rounded up a great group of people to decorate the facilities.  She is one of my best singers but felt she could be utilized better this way for this service.  Great family!

Sara – Sara is taking the refreshments from my wife this year.  And Jennifer is grateful.  Sara has thought of everything.  She has a great team around her.  She even got the coffee and cups donated by local businesses!

Matt – ‘The Musicman’.  Sing a lyric and he probably knows the song, artist, and year.  He always has a ‘what can I do next’ attitude.  A great leader in his own right, he has helped build the worship team through these busy months, plan worship, and still get the music ready for tonight.  Great job! (LOVE THE ORNAMENT!)

Tom – I love this guy.  He just wants to know the goal and watch out – it will be done before you know it.  He handles all of our parking team, our signage, and various other unmentionables.  Thank you Tom!

Jeremy – Jeremy has last minute helped us organize the setup and tear down process.  A huge task by any measure.  These guys are brutes…in a good way.  The are the workhorses of the church.  They do a job that isn’t seen but absolutely critical.  And when you try to thank them they just shy away and pick up something else that is heavy.

Michael – Better known as Slim Shady…no wait…Whitey.  Oops.  He is a rising leader in our church and is doing a great job organizing all of the ushers and greeters.  We will triple what we usually have on a Sunday tonight!  And the dude is the funniest guy I know.

Kristen – What does she NOT do?  I usually am trying to pull the reigns on her.  She is a ‘get-r-done’ type of person.  Always thinking of ways to make the service better.  She is my production manager and has done a great job keeping us on track.  Cue sheets, school maps, organizing our effort with the local charities – she is awesome to have!

Josh – ONE MAN MACHINE.  He has done ALL of our graphics.  ALL of our videos.  ALL of…well anything that has to do with a Mac and design.  He works his butt off for this team and I can’t thank him enough.  Not only is he a great family pastor, he is my favorite conceptual designer out there…and we have him!


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