Simply Christmas – Done

Simply_christmas_splashSimply Christmas = Simply Amazing!

I sit here amazed at what happened last night.  I have never been part of something so magnificent in my life.  This year’s Christmas Eve service was a complete success!  And here is why:

1. As far as I can tell, between 500-600 people were there last night.  I know how much each section seats and with the few empty chairs we had – that is my best guess.

2. Over 10K was taken up for Simply Love campaign.  50% of which will be given to the Hope House and Thurman Brisband Center!

3.  5 barrels of food was collected for the Fredericksburg Food Bank!

4. 25 people indicated that they gave their lives to Christ last night!  Praise the Lord!  And many more than that raised their hands during the invitation.

5. I estimate that over 40 volunteers came out to make this a success.  They arrived at 11:30 AM and left at 9:00 PM.  Each helped share the Gospel with what they accomplished.  The Host Team was on their best game ever!  The tech team accomplished the most technically difficult service we’ve ever done!  The parking team was off the hook!  The setup and teardown guys were selfless and determined.  The decorators were magic.  And the refreshment area rivaled Starbucks.

In summary, I am so blessed to be part of Lifepoint Church.  At one point after the service was over, I walked outside to see Luminaries lining the sidewalk.  I thought to myself, "When were these put out?  Who did this?"  There were things happening all around me that even I didn’t know about.  Leaders were finding answers to challenges, volunteers said, "whatever I need to do let me know," and the night became a true Church event.

This night wasn’t about me.  It wasn’t about the creative team.  It wasn’t about the leaders.  And it wasn’t even about the volunteers.  It was about Christ, and the sacrifice he made.  It was about those who crossed over from an eternity in hell to an eternity in heaven!

I am so proud of all of you who helped and your families.  Concertedly, you helped pull off the greatest night Lifepoint Church’s history.  THANK YOU!

P.S. Videos, techniques, and creative elements to come!

1 thought on “Simply Christmas – Done

  1. Dad

    This runs Holy Ghost Bumps all over me when I read this.PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeremy I am so proud of you and what God is doing in and through you and of coarse we are Very Proud of Jennifer too because without her support you would be running in circles more than you already do.

    I Love you, Dad

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