Christmas Eve Planning

Christmas_eve_cue_sheetbWe use a cue sheet format we received from Elevation Church.  They received the cue sheet format from another church….point?  Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Anyway, I believe that one reason for the smoothness of night was the use of this cue sheet.  We had several elements: 2 computers, 3 screens, 2 separate light boards, a spot, sound techs…Yikes!

"Side" refers to the computer running the side screens, and "middle" refers to the computer running the center screen.  "House" refers to house lights.  "Video Reading" had its own cue sheet when we got to that point. (You’ll see why later!)

And run-throughs.  real time run-throughs are critical – essential – non-negotiable!  If you want your techs to know what is going on do this!  Plus you want to make sure all of your video and media elements work correctly.

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