Sunday Night Mind Dump

  • I preached today.  Thank God I don’t have to do that every week!
  • Really proud of our band today.  Excellent music, and spirit-filled worship!
  • Setup crew really went beyond the call of duty today.  They stayed as long as needed to make sure we were set to go.
  • Oh – yeah, school had no power this morning.  Got the call at 6:15.  Made a few phone calls and had tow-behind generators there within the hour.  Our people are amazing!
  • God answers prayer!  Power company showed up and fixed the problem!
  • Talked about the power of one today.  What could God do with you if you let him take your ordinary and make it extraordinary?
  • Looked like a great turnout for the newcomers lunch!
  • We’re getting office space!  We’ll be in April 1st!
  • I love our church!
  • My in-laws are in to visit!  They are a hoot.  And boy do they love their grandbaby!  Please!  No more toys!
  • Got to go on a date with my wife – movie and Wawa coffee!
  • I love spending time with my wife!  She’s hot!
  • Wyatt looked like a little man today.  Sharp cord jacket.  He’s a lady’s man.
  • Why does every toy Wyatt gets make noise?
  • Actually played "Kind-Hearted Woman Blues" by Clapton this morning as part of my message….you’ll just have to listen to the podcast to understand.
  • We have the best volunteers in the world!
  • New Quake bumper is rockn’  Love me some POD.
  • I’m always looking for a reason to go to the nursery to see Wyatt.  I love his smile!
  • My dad is coming Wednesday.  Can’t wait!
  • My brother and sis-n-law are coming Easter weekend!  March is family month!
  • Easter is right around the corner!  It’s going to be off the hook!
  • Can’t wait to hear from my pastor next week.  It’ll feel like a week off!

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