House Hunting

January began with excitement as started looking for a house.

It’s March and I now hate looking at houses.  HATE.  We’ve made 2 offers, 1 accepted, which we pulled because it was a piece a crap.  Thank you mister inspector.  Now we have made our 2nd offer.  And I’m already aggravated about this one.  It’s been on the market forever.  We finally decide to look at it, and that day they dropped the price.  Great right?  Nope.  Its a VA owned home and they have to accept all offers within a 10 day window after a price change.  Meaning lots of people have looked at it and now there are multiple offers…including ours.  At this point I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to put up with a bidding war.  We just made the offer we would have originally and we’ll let it play out.

We do like the house.  Its in Lake Wilderness, which is farther than we originally wanted to be.  But it has an amazing deck.  Backs up to the National Forest, or park, or whatever that battlefield is.  It’s a split foyer, which again we’d rather not have, but you can’t beat the space.  It has 3 beds, 2 baths, hardwoods, fireplace, and its in good shape.  Just needs paint and carpet.

So here is how we need you to pray:

  • If this is a mistake we want God to slam the door shut!  Trust me, we’ll be fine.  Last thing we want to do is fork out more money for inspections and crap for it to fall through.  We’d rather not get to that point.
  • If God does shut the door, we need him to open one up!  I really want to see God do something big in our life in this area!
  • We simply need wisdom.  Lots of wisdom.  Like big neon signs hanging in the sky kinda wisdom.

Thank you for your prayers!

1 thought on “House Hunting

  1. Kirsten Weimer

    Keith and I are house hunting in Cville too – well, not really in Cville because we can’t afford anything IN TOWN, so we are looking in Lake Monticello. We looked at 16 properties last Saturday – it was a crazy day! We found two that we like but we aren’t completely sold on either one.

    I understand your frustration and impatience with the process. We really just started and I am already getting tired of it!

    Good luck with everything! We will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

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