‘Some things have got to change around here!’

Change is inevitable.  If you aren’t changing, chances are you’re dead.

We’ve made a few shuffles here at Lifepoint to help with the work load and move people into their giftedness.  It first began with this – Pastor Daniel isn’t gifted in administration.  He needs to focus on leading the church, studying, and preaching God’s word – not dealing with the electric bill. 

Me on the other hand, I’m very detail oriented.  Yes I have messy desk.  Yes I’m musical.  But I did well in music theory because it is very mathematical – very pattern oriented.  I like patterns.  I like it that 1+1 always equals 2.  I didn’t like English because the tests were so subjective.  They couldn’t convince me that their answer was right because to me it was debatable.  2×2 isn’t debatable.  It’s 4.  Don’t mess with me.  So I like paying bills, and balancing the check book and things like that.  So I took over the Admin stuff.  Now I’m Admin in addition to the other 10 hats I wear?  Not going to work. 

Josh on the other hand is very creative.  Not musical, but creative.  So he is now our creative director.  And he is amazing at it.  His responsibilities include conceptualizing the series package, crafting the Sunday morning service, and all the design stuff that it includes.  Additionally, he is now the Downtown campus Pastor.

So who took over Kidspoint?  Ben Weiss was a clear choice.  His heart bleeds kids.  He is always thinking into the future and challenging himself to find better ways to connect with kids and impact their lives with the life of Christ.

So for me, I have taken more of a Service Programming Manager position modeled after Northpoint.  I just happen to be the worship leader as well.  So far it is working like a dream.  I can already see how the giftedness of everybody is coming out.  Great stuff!

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