Testing 1,2,3

Today Jennifer and I headed to Charlottesville for tests.  Fun stuff.  Suck my blood.  Suck her blood.  See if her belly looks like it should.  See if my guys do what they’re supposed to do.  Good grief.  And they test us for Herpamonogonariasyphilaids.  Which I’m sure we don’t have.

Cool thing is I saw a guy walk into the office to show his parents a poloroid of 2 embryos they had just implanted into his wife.  Man I remember that day.  I was able to show him Wyatt and say I had a picture just like that of him.

So as it stands now, we should start shots on the 3rd and possibly do the egg retrieval and fertilization on the 12th.  Sucky thing is I’ll be out of town May 4-7, so Jennifer has to shoot herself in the belly.  And on the 3rd, our house begins to look like a drug store – or a crack house, whichever you prefer.  A whole cabinet is dedicated to shot supplies and drugs.  I’ll list them later when I figure out what they are.  Cool thing is we..I mean she, gets valium.  More on that later.  The drugs are a huge part of the cost.  But it’s like Christmas when they show up.  It’d all done mail-order.

And, Jennifer and I were thinking we’ll probably know by the end of May if we’re pregnant AND if we’re having twins.  Oh, forgot to mention that.  They’ll put 2 in.

Need a bigger car.

2 thoughts on “Testing 1,2,3

  1. Cindy

    twins?!!..that would be AWESOME!!..I hope their both girls!! I’d love to one day see you with two hormonal teenage girls talking “grey matter” to your “logical” brain!!..haha…what a hoot!!..you guys are awesome and your in our prayers for God’s plan to shine!!..ABUNDANTLY!!…HUGS..Cindy

  2. 5stringer

    When you get the mini-van let me know and I’ll hotrod your van too – including custom wheels, altezza lights, passive turbo charger, privacy glass, and bug guard…all for a reasonable price of course. 🙂

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