Friday night thoughts

  • Busy day
  • Great day!
  • Got to meet a group of financial business men today.
  • One of them may come to church tomorrow!
  • Finally ordered business cards today.
  • New t-shirt design is going to be hot.
  • Our house appraised for 23K more than we purchased it for!
  • Passed up a chance to deep sea fish tomorrow – bummer.
  • Get to spend the day with Wyatt tomorrow!  Yeah!
  • Can’t wait for our anniversary!
  • Why don’t people go on green?
  • Chinese all-you-can-eat bars weird me out.
  • My stomach is messed up.
  • My brother says I look like Clay Aiken – punk.
  • I think I look like a sexy Jody Foster instead.
  • Just spent the last 30 mins playing the guitar for Wyatt.
  • Now Jennifer is reading him a bedtime story.
  • Love my life.
  • Next few weeks are going to be incredible!

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