Person of the week

My person of the week is….Tom Spellman.  Simple because the man loves doing what he does so much, he’s crazy enough to stand out in the rain and park cars.  No wait, let’s back up.  He’s crazy enough to show up at 6:00 AM; crazy enough to put out all the banners and yard signs in a torrential downpour; crazy enough to park cars in a torrential downpour; crazy enough to walk everybody from their car in the torrential downpour with an umbrella; crazy enough to stay till 1:30 every Sunday to help us tear down.  The dude was soaked.  And when I say torrential downpour, it was like Texas rain – all morning long.  Love having people who are crazy for this community, crazy for our church, and crazy for Christ. Thanks Tom!

1 thought on “Person of the week

  1. Tom Spellman

    It’s about showing the LOVE OF CHRIST in a practical manner to this community. If giving an umbrella to someone helps them have a greater church experience with Christ,- then give me a thousands of banners and a thousand umbrellas to place on ever corner in this county and – lets see how many people we can bring to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

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