Revenge of the Ants

My home is being invaded by sugar ants – those small, tiny ants that are drawn to all things sugar.  Tomorrow the pest inspector will ride in on his white van and nuke those little punks to the next life.

But they know something is amiss.  They feel their days are numbered.  There are rumors in the air of a prophecy in the ant kingdom.  A doomsday prophecy that one new giant creatures will arrive in ‘their’ home, take up residence, and after a flurry of activity, a rivers of poison will begin to flow – and life as sugar ants will end. 

Yes they know this because I walked into my office today and they have called ahead to their sugar an cousins in the far world of Fredericksburg.  There are stupid little sugar ants here too! 

Little do they know that the man in the white van travels to this world as well.  And with him he brings more cans of poison and gas.

This is war little ant.  And I will win.

–Just killed another.

2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Ants

  1. 5stringer

    As long as you don’t go the “varmint cong” route and start using C-4 all will be fine. Or just start using sweet & low and give them ant cancer.

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