In our last episode, the Pickwell’s had to postpone their IVF journey to take care of their current IVF product – Wyatt.   But all is well now and they begin again….

So here we go.  Another stab at the IVF prize…screaming babies.  [Side-note: If you can get through the 1st 8weeks, I think it just gets better and better.  Wyatt has to be the cutest, funniest, happiest 1yr old I know.  I love him!  End side-note]

We would have started last month but the fertility clinic closes for 2 weeks in June – guess they have to take vacations too.  But alas my wife has reach the point of the month where we call the clinic and say “Let’s GO!”  And the first thing they do is put us on birth control….so strange and cruelly ironic.

Thanks to good insurance, Wyatt’s incident only put us back 1k – which translates that we were only that far behind on paying for a baby.  Seriously, its like we’re going to the baby-lot to pick out a baby.  Costs the same, only we don’t get to pick the baby.  God does.  Actually if we were really demented we could pick the sex, screen for disease, etc.  Very Sci-fi.  But we’ll leave that in God’s hands.

So I think it will be fun to instead of saying to Wyatt, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out.”  I can I say, “I paid good money for you kid and I can take you back.”  Of course I would never do that just as my Dad would never ‘take me out’.  Though he probably came close.

So stay tuned to ‘IVF Journey’ to see what is going on.  I’ll keep you posted!

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