IVF Update

Here is an in depth update on how we are progressing.  Jennifer began her shots on Sunday.  These shots cost about a million dollars a piece. Not really, but close. An interesting twist to the whole thing is that we were in NYC for our anniversary, and one drug in particular – hCG – has to be refrigerated.  So when we were in between hotels, we had to pack it on ice. 

Anyhow, the whole process goes like this.  We have a box of Gonal-F.  This is the million dollar box.  We mix up the solution included, draw out a certain amount, put the cap on.  Then we use a separate needle to pull out the hCG.  THEN, we use a 3rd needle to combine the other 2.  We simply twist off the needle, shoot the other 2 into it, then put on a new needle.  So at the end of one shot we throw away 3 syrnges with needles, plus an extra needle.  Sheesh! Our hotel maid probably thought we're druggies.  And to make things more fun, we have to do this at the same time every night.

Jennifer went today and everything is progressing very slowly.  It looks like Sunday she'll go back to get another check up.  Which isn't easy because our Dr. is in Charlottesville – we're in F'burg.  Translation: 1.5 hrs each way.

And the paperwork!  It is worse than buying a house – no exageration! What do they do if one of us dies?  What do they do if both of us die?  What do they do if they can't find the person we donate the embryos to?  What, what, what?  They think of every possible, if even impossible, scenario they can think of.

So there is the latest.  You'll know when we know when everything else takes place.  Please keep us in your prayers!

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