IVF Update

Ok….now we're getting somewhere.  As I stated last time, we've been on shots since August 17th.  Then recently we began a 2nd drug called Ganirelix.  Which is supposed to keep the eggs in place.  Don't understand that, but anyway… It has been slow going.  Frustrating actually.  Every time Jennifer would go to the Dr. they'd say, "Still not big enough (the eggs), so maybe another day or two of drugs."  Translation for us:  "$$$$ $$ $$$$ $".  Thanks Doc.

But yesterday we had a nice surprise.  Everything is ready!  Last night we took what is called a 'trigger drug'.  I think it has something to do with helping the eggs mature.  Today is a free day…no drugs.  Then tomorrow morning we go for egg retrieval.  It is actually minor surgery.  They put Jennifer under and everything.  By the time we leave we'll know how many of the eggs are fertilizing like they should.  Monday morning we'll get a phone call telling us either to come in, or that they are going to wait till Wednesday.  They generally implant either 3 day or 5 day old embryos.

Please pray for us.  This is going to be a busy weekend for us (another post).  Thank you all!

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