IVF Update

Saturday we received a phone call that 11 eggs fertilized.  To give you a comparison, last time we had 23 eggs, 11 fertilized, and 3 survived – 2 were transferred and 1 was cryopreserved.

Monday we got the call that all was a go.  We started our drive to Charlottesville and Jennifer gladly took her Valum.  It helps her body relax for the transfer.  We were waiting in the office and our nurse came out to give us some unexpected news.  3 more fertilized! 14 total.  So at this point we were really feeling good.

They got Jennifer ready and rolled us into transfer room.  For some reason they have it really dark in there.  It's dimly lit with a monitor in the corner so we can see the embryos.  The Doc came in and started doing an ultrasound and then gave us some bad news.  For some reason there was fluid where there wasn't supposed to be fluid.  And that would be toxic to the embryos.  Translation – no transfer.  We were crushed.  I was ticked.  Why does everything have to be so difficult for us?

So the verdict is we have to wait till tomorrow and pray the fluid is gone.  If they still see the fluid tomorrow, we'll have to freeze the embryos and wait till another time.  We really don't feel good about that because we were only able to freeze one last time and it didn't make the thaw.

So here is what everybody needs to do.

  1. Pray that the embryos continue to thrive.
  2. Pray that the fluid goes away by tomorrow.
  3. Pray that the transfer happens tomorrow.
  4. Pray that we have something to freeze.
  5. Pray that we in 10 months we have a baby because of all of this.

Thank you!

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