IVF Update

Firstly, thank you for praying!  Lots to update you on.

Wednesday we woke up and dropped off Wyatt at Pastor Daniel and Tammie's; and off we went.  Well, first I had… HAD to get myself a Rockstar Roasted…yum.  And good thing I did! A mile down the road at a red light I started complaining about how somebody's car was smelling up the road.  Jennifer saw smoke coming out from under our hood and said, "I think it's us!"  Sure enough, we blew our power stearing pump hose. 

Now I'm on the phone to Pastor Daniel and the insurance company and the fertility clinic.  The insurance company arranged a tow, and Tammie and Pastor met us with one of their cars.  All in all we ended up there right on time, but admitedly irked.  I called my dad to start praying all this crap away from us!

So we went in and to make a long story short, the fluid was gone!  Praise God!  We were so excited!  I think we were really frustrated that we didn't get to see the embryos last time.  So now they are safely in Jennifer belly.  The Doc even said he was glad we waited till day 5, because one of the embryos didn't look as good as they thought it would.  So they picked 2 different ones.  All in all they transferred 2 embryos and froze 3.  So there's the potential we could end up with 6 kids including Wyatt!

Please keep praying.  We are going try to enjoy this pregnancy.  Last time we were really uptight.  Imagine that…the Pickwells uptight.  We'll go Sept 15 for a blood test to see if we're pregnant.  Then 2 weeks after that, they'll do an ultrasound to see how many!  Lots of things still have to go right.  But I believe God is going to battle for us.  Thank you all!  Oh…and here is a peak at the 2 new arrivals.

1 thought on “IVF Update

  1. Brandie Drumm

    Hey! Don’t pay some one to fix that!! Brian might be able to do it.

    Call him

    703 629 2689

    Highly recommend it. He can come over look your car over and determine if he can fix it. Don’t pay some one else they will charge you by the hour!! I had a problem with my o2 sensor. Honda wanted to charge me $90 dollars to fix it! $90 dollars!!!!! All you have to do is plug in an o2 sensor like pluggin something in the wall. 5 seconds of work $90!!!

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