IVF Update

Sorry for the gap in posts.  Let me explain why!

Admittedly, this has been a rough few days for us.  Over the past week, Jennifer has been experiencing some slight cramping.  Friday we had a scare.  Then Saturday we had a big scare – won't go into details.  Monday we took a pregnancy test which said we're pregnant – silly because that same day we were driving to Charlottesville to get an official blood test.  That too said we're pregnant, but hard to be excited with the scares we are having.

The next step was to go back today and get the same blood test – which I am currently waiting to hear the results from.  They will either say that her levels are going up – good; or they are going down – bad.  Either way, it's hard to breathe – and will be so until we get an ultrasound to find the reason for the cramping and blood loss. 

So please keep praying.  On my end it's hard to be optimistic.  So I need the faith of the rest of you to help us out!

1 thought on “IVF Update

  1. Kellie Hoisington

    I’m so glad to hear an update! We’ve been praying our heart out for you guys!!! Keep us posted… Kellie

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