Good Friends

Yes Lifepoint is a body of believers – and we're a family – and yes, yes, yes.  But to me, Lifepoint is a group of friends.  And here is a good example:

Saturday Jennifer had a scare.  Finally, around 6:00, thinking the whole pregnancy thing was probably over, we decided to page the Dr. to see what to do.  He told Jennifer to stay in bed and take it easy.  And to make her as comfortable as possible, I felt I needed to stay home Sunday.  Now mind you, we have already practiced for Sunday.  But thankfully our church believes Family first. 

I called a good friend of mine and fellow Lifepointer – Tom McCain.  And the conversation went something like this.  "Hey Tom, are you in town? Yeah, wasup? I need to lead worship tomorrow.  Will do."  He didn't even bat an eye.  Not only that, but Mia had to take the reigns of worship for the Downtown service Sunday night.  Both of them had to learn new music, not to mention there were several personell shuffles within the band to make things happen. 

At the risk of leaving somebody out, I think those total involved in the last minute fill in were: John, Matt, Mia, Tom, and Steven….plus the entire band had to re-key the songs for Sunday night…thank you Bill, Ronnie, and Dave.  And thank you to whoever I didn't mention.  Everybody stepped up and made it happen.  Good friends!

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