IVF Update

The nurse called and the HCG levels did not change.  Which is not a good sign. Still in the 250's where they were Monday.  Meaning?  Another 2 days of torturous waiting.  Have to go back Friday to do the blood test again.  They should have doubled, or at least risen.  One explanation is that we lost one of the babies and the level has plateaued.  So here is what we need to pray:

God, we need these levels to rise like they should! Let this pregnancy be successful! Give us peace!

2 thoughts on “IVF Update

  1. Leigh

    I have been praying so hard for you guys, and unfortunately know all your pain and frustration of this process. Please know that I am only a phone call away if you should need something. Take care and I hope to hear good things soon.

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