IVF Update

Excuse my language but this bites.

So here is the update – in detail.

Monday HCG levels – 288
Wednesday HCG levels – 272
Friday HCG levels – 379

That is only a 40% increase from Wed to Friday.  We needed to see a 60%-100% increase.  The nurse said this are the possible explanations.  Least likely is an ectopic.  Less likely is we lost a twin and kept the other.  Most likely is that it is a failed pregnancy.

So I'm holding onto the less likely option.  Please pray like never before and beat down the door of heaven!  Enough of us praying and we can cause a good disruption up there!  We want to see a huge jump Monday!  Oh yea…we have to wait again until Monday. 

2 thoughts on “IVF Update

  1. Jana V

    Jeremy and Jen, we are praying for you like crazy! You’re right, it so sucks – one of my questions to God in Heaven will be why so many teen moms get pregnant after a one-night stand while so many people like you all, who would raise children to love and serve Him, struggle to have even one child. Know that you are loved and that we’re beatin on God’s door with you!

  2. David and Cindy Breeden

    Just wanted you and Jen to know that we are praying for you both. Thanks for sharing your story yesterday. It touched us all!

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