Rick Warren has a saying that I think may get overlooked – “Every member is a minister.”  Sure it sounds good, but maybe we don’t take too much stock in it.

There is a member of our parking team who’s father is gravely ill.  Doctors are only giving him 24 hours to live.  They’ve stopped treatments and are simply making him comfortable.  Kristen (Guest Services) filled me in on the details and let me know that Tom was keeping in touch with the family and making sure they had what they needed.

I lost it.  I couldn’t help but weep.  Strangely I wasn’t crying about the situation.  I knew God would take care of the family.  He IS taking care of them.  I was crying because of the journey God has brought Tom through.  I was so proud I couldn’t handle it.  I remembered when Tom first came to Lifepoint.  I’ve seen his struggles.  I’ve watched how he’s bought into the vision.  I’ve seen how God has transformed him.  I knew I was witnessing what we value at Lifepoint – life-change.  And that is what makes this job so rewarding.  Watching people like Tom get it and become a minister in their own rite.

This job rocks.

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